Our Mission

CC - Woman in well


  • Over 880M people lack access to safe drinking water
  • $30B spent annually on water/sanitation development
  • Teaching solar water disinfection is challenging

Solar disinfection (SODIS) could be the lowest-cost household water treatment method, requiring only PET bottles and sunlight. However, it’s not possible to tell when the process is done.


    • Our monitor measures sunlight and shows the user when the water is disinfected
    • Runs on solar power, will last for at least 5 years
    • Costs less than $5 in large volumes


Development Strategy

  • Currently in 3rd design iteration, optimizing for usability and low cost
  • Next step is field testing with partner organization
  • Then contract manufacturing for international aid organizations

We are currently seeking funding and partners with in-country resources for field testing. Please contact us at info@potavida.org.


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